Wednesday, May 7, 2008

...I need it's noises in my ear.

Summer is here. I'm pretty happy that I don't have classes for about 3 months, and that I have camp to look forward to in July. As soon as I secure a job, I'll definitely feel better about it all though. I just got moved in to a new place by the park, so that's nice, and as soon as my allergies calm down, I'll be most likely spending a lot of time walking over there and hanging out outdoors more often. I guess for now I'm just spending most of my days listening to music and having good conversations with friends and I can't really think of much better things to be doing. I guess things are pretty good right now. That feels good to say.

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chris.priestley said...

yeah, that whole job thing would be nice... i hope you have more success than i'm having so far. the only job options in morgantown are bartender, janitor or prostitute, and i've not really got experience in any of those fields.