Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First of all, last night was awesome. I had the pleasure of seeing Standing Small and Cool Hand Luke in Huntington for free with a ton of friends, great times. Mark from CHL was talking last night about his faith and what he sees going on in the world right now, and he hit on a lot of things that I've been talking about with some friends lately. I'm really sick of how we (Christians) are turning people away from God. We talk a lot. We talk about how great our church is, how it's better than whatever other church, how great our youth group is, how it's cooler than youth group x and so on. We talk all this stuff, but we don't do anything that really matters. All we do is talk, then we act however we want and all we do is turn people away. If people can't see something good in the lives of those who claim Christ, then who can blame them for not taking it seriously? Sure, there are some people who simply will never believe, that's a fact, but you can't use that as a scapegoat for not caring enough to reach out to people or to live however you want. By living in a way that our actions deny our words only shows people the hypocritical side of Christianity that seems to be all most know of the faith. With this, it's easy for people to deny this, and find other fruitless things to fill the void that will ultimately present itself at one time or another during everyone's life. This is why I think it's important to realize that being a Christian is not about going to Heaven. Heaven is a bonus, it's a privilege, it's not the focal point of Christianity though. Being a Christian is about loving others, about showing that love, about helping people in need, about bringing Heaven down to earth, about striving for something better here. I'm just writing this because I feel it heavy on my heart, I have for awhile and I'm just ready to make some changes in order to do better on this myself. If you read this, thanks, I hope my ramblings make sense. Love.

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cassandra and zachary said...

Hello friend. I miss our deep conversations on my sudo front porch. I'm really going to miss you. Europe is great and I know you would love it so do something about it and get yourself over here. Hey and when you go let me know because I'll come too and help you find cool places to be friends. We'll be in parkersburg for like 2 days tops but I'd like to see you before we leave.