Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love friends and grenades.

So first off, I have some friends named Eric, Matt and Matt and they play music under the name The Apprentice. Right now they're on tour and even though they're rock stars they still have to pay for gas and food and stuff so if they're playing near you, you should totally go see them and buy a shirt or a cd or if not you should go to and order one from there (free shipping to US).
Anyway, earlier in the week I got to go spend a couple days with my dear friends Zach and Cass Haugh before they left for Little Rock, AK at Zach's parent's house in Mannington, WV. It was awesome and it was 2 days full of doing man work, being put to shame by Jamesaw, fishing with hot dogs and ham sandwiches, campfires with the whole family, singing songs, telling stories, sharing awesome meals, shooting guns and throwing grenades (compliments of Jamesaw, of course). It was such a good place to go for a couple days and just be with friends. I wish I would have had a camera so that I could have some pictures to share, but this brief description will have to do for now. Go outside and enjoy the day! Love to you!

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