Monday, November 3, 2008

Just take the journey, some will follow you, some will sit down, but keep moving.

The words in the title were spoken by my dear friend Zach Haugh. Tonight I called Zach just to see what was going on in the lives of him, his wife and his wise pup Steve, and like conversations with him always do, it turned into something awesome. I was talking to him about some things I've been struggling with, some people I've been having hard times with and how I've just had this overall feeling that I have no idea what to do/ where to go right now, and when he told me that one thing, stuff just started getting a little clearer, a little easier. Just keep moving. As long as I'm having forward motion, of any kind, I'll be doing alright. As long as I'm not staying in one place "curling up to take a nap", I'll be heading towards all things awesome. I do feel a sense of being empowered by this, and while I may not be in the most ideal situation right now for where I want to be, I can keep moving forward, I can keep doing what I need to. Who's with me?


Cara said...

that dang zach haugh, he's so brilliant. :) i'm movin' with ya buddy

Unknown said...

I'm working on a presentation for class on stories and metaphors in the counseling room. I just thought of a metaphor you might appreciate. You know the movie "Snatch" well here is what I was thinking about at church today. The scene where Brad Pitt (the pikie) fights Gorgeous George in the barn is a metaphor to how Jesus was attacked by Satan. Stick with me here... George is kicking the crap out of Brad's character with like 3 major blows to the face and body. Pitt goes down into the fence at one point and his friends pick up the fence and throw him back in. The whole time Pitt is still stretching and taking the hits. This first part is the temptation in the wilderness... Jesus getting hit left and right from Satan. There are a few more blows exchanged and George says at one point "Stay down or you'll regret it!" He has just delivered a serious hit to Pitt and landed him on his back. This is the trial and crucifixion. But what happens next is the coolest scene I've ever seen. Pitt slowly gets up and as George come to finish him off Pitt blocks the punch and lands one hell of a shot right on his chin and lays Gorgeous George out cold. Resurrection time baby! I know this is kind of stupid and actually as I'm reading it you might be laughing at me but come on lets get real, one of the coolest scenes in a movie and one of the coolest scenes in real life. They have to relate. I thought you might appreciate that or at least know where I'm coming from with it.

Reece and Angila Karge said...

I like it.
How often should I turn around to encourage the stragglers?