Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been extremely bored since moving to SC. Yes, even I can get tired of playing music, surfing the web, watching The Office, sleeping...well, not really sleeping, but when I sleep too much I feel like I'm wasting away. I've started fighting this boredom by trying to get into some kind of daily routine until work starts, which is hopefully next week, that goes something like this. Wake up, check e-mail, hang out for a little bit, try to obtain more information on MIDI stuff in a live situation using Reason [which gives me headaches] playing music and then weather permitting I'll head out either before or after dinner to Panera or some equivalent to get some coffee and do some reading, mostly of the Bible. This last one has been really good for me as I realized how much I relied on my friends to kind of keep me thinking about God, in the sense that as long as we were having good conversations about it or something, I felt like I was doing OK even though I wasn't opening up the word very much. I hope to keep this up as it not only gives me some good God time, but it keeps me from buying stuff out of boredom with money I shouldn't be spending. It's been good and I'm definitely going to carry this over to my routine as work starts.

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